New video shows ‘virtual fly-over’ of our landbase

Watch a video of a Google Earth ‘virtual fly-over’ of our landbase and see the land that we are managing (high-speed Internet connection may be needed).


Landscape Level Plan (LLP) published

After six months of work, SIFCo has completed its Landscape Level Plans (LLP). The LLP is a birds-eye perspective of our landbase. The aim of the LLP is to guide our operations with regard to the overall health of the forests and the communities that surround them.


SIFCo Application for CFA accepted

Today we became tenure holders! After four years of work we signed our Probationary Community Forest Agreement.


Our Management Plan accepted

Today our updated Management Plan was accepted by the Ministry of Forest… the last step before our application is finally accepted.


SIFCo’s CFA application accepted in principle

In August of 2007, we heard from the Ministry of Forests (MOF) that our application was accepted in principle. We are now fine tuning our Management Plan and are expecting to sign a PCFA by early October 2007.


CFA application completed

On the 12th of January 2007, our final application was mailed to the Ministry of Forest in Kamloops. Thus, after three years of work, phase 1 is completed and, if all goes according to plan, we should be tenure holders by early October of this year.


We finalized our Negotitation with SCFP

Today we finalized our negotiations with Springer Creek Forest Products, marking the last step before our final application can be submitted.


We finalized our negotiation with BCTS

A few days ago we finalized our negotiations with British Columbia Timber Sales (BCTS) and now know what the final landbase for our Probationary Community Forest Agreement (PCFA) will be. We are hoping to get the final application in the mail by mid-January. You can see a map of the area that we are requesting from Government under “location”.